Ceremonial Camp Day


When creating holiday, I was thinking about relaxation, looking up and shutting out the world around me”

KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN welcomes the world to enjoy our exclusive camping experience with COMPANION around the pristine nature of the greatest symbol of Japan’s natural beauty, Mount Fuji.

KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN finally lands in Mount Fuji, Japan, after visiting Seoul, Taipei and Hong Kong. Acclaimed artist KAWS and longtime collaborator AllRightsReserved introduce KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN his latest outdoor art project at Mount Fuji, Japan. The brand-new colossal artwork depicts KAWS’ signature character COMPANION in a relaxed position. Located on the beautiful plateau of Fumotoppara Camping Ground in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, the 40 meters long KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN is the largest sculptural endeavor by the artist to date.

Get ready to be our KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN campers!

Enter the raffle to get the chance to be our KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN campers!
Ceremonial Camp Day - Date & Time
7.18 (Thu) / 9:00am starts (IN) -
7.19 (Fri) / 10:00am (OUT)

Admission for raffle winners only.
Campers will be notified of
their assigned entry time slot (9:00am-3:00pm)

Opening Ceremony
7.18 (Thu) / 6:00pm
For information about Public Day Camping,
Please visit Fumotoppara’s website (Japanese only)

How to make a reservation at https://fumotoppara.net >>> CLICK HERE <<<


Raffle Date & Time
Time Zone From To
EDT 2019.6.27 (Thu) 9:00pm 2019.6.28 (Fri) 9:00pm
Japan Time 2019.6.28 (Fri) 10:00am 2019.6.29 (Sat) 10:00am
Result will be announced on or before 2019.7.4 by email



Holiday Price ¥


For 1 Tent Space + 1 Vehicle Space
* ¥2,000 per ticket, tax included.
All the registration fee of 7.18 Ceremonial Camp Day will be collected for cleaning and maintenance purpose of the site.
Entry for 1-3 People Per Ticket

Each ticket is for entry of no more than 3 people^.

1 Tent Space + 1 Vehicle Space

Each ticket enables the access to the campsite from 2019.7.18 9am to 2019.7.19 10am with a camping space within 6m x 6m.

^Each person is allowed to come with 1 child under 6 years old and 1 pet. The child under 6 years old or pet will not be counted as 1 people for the entry.
^Camper aged 18 or below have to come with adult aged 19 or above.
Each person is allowed to come with 1 child under 6 years old and 1 pet. The child under 6 years old or pet will not be counted as 1 people for the entry.
Camper aged 18 or below have to come with adult aged 19 or above.


Fumotoppara Camping Ground

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Fumotoppara Camping Ground Address: 156, Fumoto, Fujinomiya Shi, Shizuoka Prefecture, 418-0109, Japan
Map Code: 312 232 651*62

Fumotoppara Camp Site - Official Site
Fumotoppara Camping Ground is accessible by car or by train.


Camping Essentials
Camping Essentials

Please bring your own camping essentials, including tents, shelter, food, cooking tools, drinking water, sleeping bag/pads, lamps, camp furniture, other tools, etc.

Weather Tips
Weather Tips

Weather conditions can change very quickly. Be prepared and bring umbrellas or raincoats, foul weather gear in case of inclement weather conditions.

Enjoyment of Nature
Enjoyment of Nature

You may enjoy the pristine nature with KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN in the outdoor camp site. Remember to hear the voice of nature and enjoy the extraordinary silence at night.

Supervise Your Children & Dog
Supervise Your Children & Dog

Always keep them within view, don't allow them to wander off alone.

Practice Good Fire Safety
Practice Good Fire Safety

Make sure to completely extinguish any fire. NEVER build a fire near a tent or other flammable items.

Keep Your Belongings Safe
Keep Your Belongings Safe

Please be sure to keep all of your valuables with you at all times.


1. Can I walk in on 7.18? 7.18 Ceremonial Camp Day is reserved for raffle winners with admission tickets only. Tickets are not sold on the day. Please join our public camp days from 7.19-24.

2. How can I make a reservation at https://fumotoppara.net for 7.19-24? For step-by-step reservation instructions in English, please click here.

3. I have a specific question, who should I contact? For any inquiries, please leave a message on the website chat box (black icon at the bottom of the page) and we will respond as soon as possible. Please do not call Fumotoppara Camping Ground.

4. When are my IN & OUT times? For 7.18 Ceremonial Camp Day:
Event will be an overnight outdoor camp with KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN. Each camper will receive a confirmation email with their assigned IN time (starting from 2019.7.18 9:00am). Please come within your assigned time slot for the admission security check at the entrance. Your assigned entrance time cannot be changed.
All campers must check out before 2019.7.19 10:00am. Any late check out will incur an additional service charge.

For 7.19-24 Public Camp Day:
Event will be an outdoor camp with KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN. Each camper will receive a confirmation email. Please come within the camp hours listed below for the admission security check at the entrance.

Day camp hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm.
Overnight camp hours: 8:30am - 2:00pm next day.

For more information on entrance fee, availability and registration please go to Fumotoppara Camping Ground Official Website: fumotoppara.net (Japanese language only).

5. Is there any Wi-fi service? Wi-fi is not available at the camp site. The quality of the internet signal depends on your provider. Upload your photos with KAWS:HOLIDAY anytime!

6. Can I bring my child and pet? Each camper is allowed to come with 1 child under 6 years old and 1 pet. The child under 6 years old and pet do not require separate tickets. Please supervise your children and do not allow them to run off.

Animals that pose a potential threat to other people are not allowed into the camp site. Owners should always keep an eye on their pets.

7. Can I sleep in my car? Yes, but please make sure the engine is turned off. 
To avoid disturbance to residents and campers nearby, parking is only allowed in your assigned space and only in the designated parking lot on the camp site. 
Parking is not allowed along national roads or entrances.

8. Are credit cards and e-money accepted? Credit cards and e-money are not accepted at the food truck and collectibles shop.
Cash transactions only.

9. Can I rent a tent at the camp site? Tents are not available to rent at the camp site. Be sure to bring your own tent and everything required to use it. 

10. Can I leave my tent up while I go see KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN? Yes, but please take any valuables with you. The organizer is not responsible for damaged or stolen items. Before leaving your tent, close it up completely and make sure that it is securely fixed to the ground with pegs or ropes, etc.

*The camp site is very large and there are many of the same type of tents. Many people lose track of where their own tent is located. We suggest you mark your tent and personalize it to make it easier to find.

1. What should I bring? ID/Passport Please bring your photo ID/Passport for admission to the site.

Camping Gear Please use only within your assigned 6m x 6m space so as not to obstruct other campers’ views.

Tent A waterproofed camping tent.

Sleeping Bag It may get cold at night. Be sure to bring a warm sleeping bag.

Sheet / Mat Flysheet, tarpaulin shelter, picnic mats or parasols are permitted. Many tents get flooded by heavy rain. We recommend using plastic sheeting inside and outside your tent to keep everything dry.

Foldable chair Small outdoor foldable chair.

Raincoat Heavy duty outdoor wear for camping.

Thermos Best to use for both hot and cold drinks.

Hand towel To protect your skin from sunburn, wiping, cooling off, etc.

Extra change of clothes In case of rain, sweat, mud.

Footwear Sneakers or trekking shoes with good grip, especially in muddy conditions, preferably waterproof.

Hat To avoid sunburn, heatstroke. A must!

Cold Weather Items The camp site is situated at a high altitude and nights may get cold. Long-sleeve outer wear, fleece or windbreakers are advised.

Large Garbage Bag Use to keep clothing dry, sit on and more.

Pocket tissue For cooking, eating or toilet, etc.

First Aid Kit To take care of any minor injuries such as abrasions. Best to have cream for bug bites (ticks, bees). Please bring your usual medicines for headaches, stomachaches or colds.

Light Headlamp flashlights are best, leaving both hands free. Many places in the camp site are very dark at night.

Mobile Battery There is no place in the camp site to plug in mobile devices. We recommend bringing a portable battery to charge your phone, etc.

Wallet To keep cash safe (as credit card & e-money are not accepted)

Portable ashtray A must for smokers.

Food & Cooking utensils Prepare enough food for your dinner and breakfast. You can cook with your cooking utensils in your assigned space, but be cautious when using fire.
We kindly remind you to take all these items back with you when you leave the camp site. If any item is left behind or unattended after the event, staff will remove it without notice.

2. What should I wear at the camp site? Comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement and non-slip hiking boots or sneakers, waterproof jackets and shoes are recommended. Weather at the camp site is likely to vary, and extreme drops or rises in temperature are common. Please prepare clothing suited to all weather conditions. Bees, wasps and ticks reside in the area. Avoid loose-fitting clothes and exposing your skin to prevent insects from entering your clothing. Bees, wasps and ticks reside in the area. Avoid loose-fitting clothes and exposing your skin to prevent insects from entering your clothing.